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Oh My Gosh!
Things women love but men hate.

(These are the obvious things, not ALL things about any other person like my ex. He doesnt count, because he was slightly strange.)

Too pink blusher on cheeks.

i get this a lot. Someone at my school was a total babe but the guys used to say they were freaked out getting with a girl who looks like a doll. Girls love looking like dollys.

Little Dogs.

Perhaps it makes them feel less manly? Personally if a guy doesn’t like animals he isnt worth it anyway.

Clutch Bags.

"Whats the point? You have to hold it anyway, why dont you just hold your things?’ Oh yeah dancing with tampons and eyeliners in my hand is a good look. Girls need bags. Also, dresses rarely have pockets. And we dont need jackets. They ruin the look.

'One born every minute' on Channel 4.

Think it reminds them that one day they might have to see that for themselves. Girls get emotional, guys get scared. And dizzy.

Having to get up in the morning.

If im ever up too late, its always because a boy has been unable to shift himself from the bed. Get up. Please.

Ryan Gosling.

Its jealousy. Absolute jealousy.

50 Shades of Grey.

Although i haven’t read it, but being described as mummy porn probably wont work for men.

Fake Tan.

They hate the smell, they hate the look, they hate the python effect when its peeling, they hate that feeling of not knowing when to stop when you’re developing at an alarming rate. We too hate these things, but look slimmer with it, and feel more comfortable naked. So ultimately, just accept it.


Men dont enjoy days out to farms in my experience. I just love animals and all things animal related.

Galaxy Minstrels.

In my experience men like sweets and crisps and not so much chocolate. Oh well, more for me.

When you tell them off for things.

Guys are always right. Duh.

Deep ones to follow. Im in a ‘all the weird stuff matters’ type of mood.