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Oh My Gosh!
Katy Perry! <3

I’ve done a lot of writing this week. It’s my job. So i apologise for this rambling mess, i just want to talk about Katy Perry and Spencer Pratt. Constantly.

Went to go and see Katy Perrt- Part of Me last night and it was amazingly good. Yes i was bled dry for the tickets, and the car park, and just the  general experience, but the film was really colourful and cute, everything you would expect from the lovely Katy kat. I must admit, it’s been a bit of an intense week so i did cry several times throughout the performance. Had just had a spray tan before going in and was desperately trying to mop up my tears so they didn’t stain. I’ve done that before, i’m not even going to tell you what it looked like had happened; all i’ll say, is it’s something sexual and something you shouldn’t go out in public with. Ew. It’s all very one sided, and being a huge Katy fan anyway, you find yourself so obsessed with her whilst watching that you can’t help leaving muttering disgruntled words about Russell. Mine were, ‘Ugh that MAN, how dare he make her cry like that?’ Still, she looked amazing. Constantly. My favourite song was California Gurls and Peacock, cause it’s a bit smutty. It was the show that me and my sister went to see last year, and i always say it was the best concert i’ve ever seen. She is amazing live, the whole show was like being sucked into a weird fantasy world AND i got to see it all again last night, in 3D.

Spencer Pratt is my new obsession today. Ben sent me the link to ‘what i would like to do to you dear woooo!’ quote last night and it dried my Katy Perry tears. He is the biggest bat shit crazy ‘love to hate him’ celebrity going. I always laugh about Speidis staged photoshoots. The best one being where she is SHAVING him in some public park. Heat printed the picture with the caption ‘please let her hand slip.’ This makes me laugh. All the time. Might buy the box set today. Mmmmm.

Tonight im going to Meat Liquor in Soho. Yes i might have to queue but i’ve never needed a burger and some house ‘grog’ more. It’ll be worth it. Tomorrow i’m having the ultimate party at the Hoxton Pony. Ben and i are to drink vodka until we are sick. I haven’t checked what everyone elses expectations are for the night, but i hope they’re aware i plan to get well and truely livid. From the safety of London. Touche.

The best part of my week was seeing Sam Russo. I crave him constantly.

Also, Apple are fucking morons. Fix my phone yeah? That would be well nice dear.